Free Drama resources

Some time ago before going digital, Classmate Books actually produce books. Two of these are resources for Drama teachers.

Drama Works! contains an introductionary section which covers these issues:

  • The role of the teacher, and of the student
  • The skills required to participate in improvised drama
  • The ideas necessary to start and develop improvisation
  • The classroom management techiques required by the teacher

Following this introduction, there are over 40 lesson plans and resources, half of which concern mime, and the others which concern improvisation. (At no time are students asked to walk against the wind nor find their way out of a box!)

A free copy of the book is available here in PDF format:

download dramaworks

1001 Drama Starters is a follow up edition to Drama Works!, and it does what it says on the tin, by providing 1001 ideas to begin improvised drama, grouped together under headings so that students can choose whichever ideas grab their imaginations.

A free copy of the book is available here in PDF format:



ICT Homework sheets ...


Try these homework sheets for use with year 7 classes. These two sets of Word documents can be assembled into booklets, or made available on-line for students to use at home. Basic PowerPoint and Spreadsheet activities are covered by the materials: