KS3 Resources


Resources for KS3 Computing are now available, ready for the revised National Curriculum.

Fourteen units are currently available offering full coverage of the PoS, but more may be added as the curriculum develops.

All units are available separately, though discounts apply for multiple purchases of more than three units. Pick and mix units which fit in with your present schemes of work. Full details are available on the KS3 section of the site, including all the documentation for every unit, as well as sample resources.

These multimedia resources now include sound to help students understand the guidance being given. Full schemes of work and lessons plans are also included to assist teachers in their administration tasks.

Drama resources


Back in the dim distant past, we used to produce books for English and Drama. Two of our most popular Drama titles are now available in PDF format, to be used as copyright free resources within your school. These are:

  • Drama Works!
  • 1001 Drama Starters

Full copies of both books are now available from the Download page. Tell your Head of Drama about this great free resource.