How do I ..?


...install Classmate Books on-line resources?

All our resources are based on Adobe Flash(TM) technology, so there are no executable files to install. Simply copy the folder containing the resource to a location on a web-server in your organisation, and add a link to the index page. You will need to have downloaded and installed the Flash player plug in to run the resouces, but other than that, nothing is required. If you can view and operate the examples on this site on your network, there will be no difficulty running the materials.

...get in touch with Classmate Books?

If you require information about products, or ordering products, please contact

If you require support for any of our products, please contact for orders?

You can pay for orders by cheque or by setting up a BACS account.


Can I ...?


...use a Credit or Debit card to pay for goods?

Unfortunately, no. Please arrange payment by cheque, or through setting up a BACS account.

...make the resources available on a VLE or website?

Under the terms of your network contract, you can make the resources available so that students can access them from home or off site, providing that the VLE or website is secure, and is password protected from the general public.

...make copies of the CD to give to students?

Unfortunately, no, since you then have no way of ensuring that the copyright requirements are being adhered to.


Will there...?


... be regular updates to the resources?

The materials will be updated whenever necessary, either to reflect changes in syllabuses, or in the suites of programs used to demonstrate examples. more to pay next year?

Once you have bought your copy of the materials, you have nothing more to pay unless you decide to purchase an updated version at a later date. There are no 'year on year' costs to consider. more titles available each year?

Our aim is to produce suites of resources according to popular demand for different syllabuses. We intend to keep our titles on the move, reflecting current practice in classrooms and keeping pace with developments.