GCSE English Literature Revision Apps

Welcome to a new departure for Classmate Books into the use of mobile phone apps to revise English Literature texts. The intention is to enable students to revise whenever they have moments to spare by making use of mobile technology, using devices with which they are comfortable and skilled. However, there is also a version of the app you can use on a computer, if you want to include any of the Questions and Tasks into your own classroom teaching. This makes the apps a really flexible resource, to be used in many different situations.

Below you will find a short presentation which is included with the apps when you buy a site licence, enabling you to distribute the apps to as many students as you wish, year by year. The presentation will hopefully answer many of the questions you may have about using the apps.

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Examples of the Apps

Here are example Questions and Tasks from each of the three apps currently available, with a brief explanation of our thinking behind the design of the app, and how the questions and tasks link together. Each example has three sets of questions and tasks, to give you a good insight into how they work.


























Of Mice and Men

There are three sets of Questions and Tasks available in this example:

  • Setting and Plot
  • George
  • Quotations

This is so that you can see how the Questions and Tasks link together to form two stages in the revision process.

This is the computer version of the app, with a screen resolution of 480 x 640. It can also be used on phones with suitable screen sizes, or on tablets, but in both cases the device must have the Flash player installed.


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Three different sets of Questions and Tasks are included in this example:

  • Macbeth
  • Metaphors
  • Themes

The Metaphors section has been included to show how the Questions aim to develop detailed understanding of the text.

For each example of a metaphor from the text, there are three answers which help to explain how the idea works, and one answer which is incorrect. Students have to identify the incorrect answer.

The Metaphor tasks take this a stage further by asking students to identify and link together metaphors in the play to revise how these motifs are used throughout the play, and for what purposes.


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To Kill a Mockingbird

The three sets of Questions and Tasks chosen to demonstrate this example are:

  • Scout, Jem and Dill
  • Boo and Tom
  • County Folk

In all the apps, characters have been grouped together to clarify how comparisons are made between them by the author.

In the example, the children are examined together, Boo and Tom are compared as the 'victims' of the story, while the County Folk section draws distinctions (and similarities) between the Ewells and the Cunninghams.

Once again, the Tasks build on the ideas and examples collected by completing the Questions.

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The prices of the apps are as follows:

Of Mice and Men £50 (exc VAT)
Macbeth £50 (exc VAT)
To Kill a Mockingbird £50 (exc VAT)
All three apps £125 (exc VAT)

These prices give you a full site licence which allows you to distribute the app to as many students in your school as you wish, for as many years as you require.

You can place an order by mail, email, or fax (see the contact details below). In all cases, we require an official school order number before processing the order.

Deploying the Apps


We have tried to make this process as simple as possible, based on feedback from over 20 pilot schools who have tried out the Of Mice and Men app for us.

The four versions are supplied on CD. Your IT staff simply have to copy a folder containing the apps and instruction presentation on to your school intranet or VLE. Students can then link to the version they require, and download it to install on their phone or computer. The process takes literally minutes, and we supply instructions for your IT staff which you can pass on to them with the CD.

SCORM versions

Several schools inquired about SCORM versions of the host page used to distribute the apps, so we duly did our best to oblige them. Each app now also includes two SCORM zipped packages:

  1. The host page to distribute and explain how to use the apps
  2. A version of the app which can be hosted directly on a VLE

These two packages are now supplied as part of each app. Please note that the SCORM version used is 2004 Edition 3. The SCORM versions have been tested on the FROG VLE system.

If you have already purchased any of the apps before these SCORM versions were available, and you would like to receive the corresponding SCORM packages, please contact our Sales department (see the details below), and we will email the packages to you.

Get in touch

If you have a question we have not answered, please get in touch by mail, email or phone:

Classmate Books
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